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SNP search engine v1.0.0

Calls can be made to SNiPhunter's API using HTTP GET requests

Example 1

Return objects to browser in JSON if they contain the reference SNP ID rs5743810:

Example 2

Return objects to browser in JSON if they contain both cancer and USF as keywords:[]=cancer&keywords[]=USF

Example 3

Return a list containing each object's DOI (using Python 3) if the object contains reference SNP ID rs5743810:

import httplib2
import json
h = httplib2.Http()
resp, content = h.request("")
assert resp.status == 200
result = content.decode("utf-8")
inJSON = json.loads(result)
for dictionary in inJSON:
    for key, value in dictionary.items():
        if key == "doi":

The above example can be amended by replacing the term doi in the second from last line with email_address, publication_date, pubmed_id, pubmed_file_name, keywords or rs_number_cited_in_article depending on what information is required.